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Mountain Home Sound & Security in Pagosa Springs, CO has provided home security products and services since 2007. Our security experts can do it all, from giving recommendations to installing your entire system, to alerting you when suspicious activity is afoot. Our aim is to help you rest more comfortably knowing that your loved ones are safely monitored at all times. Our top-quality security instruments provide you with the security coverage you need at the price that is right!

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What We Do

Alarm Systems

We install alarm systems for your home or business that have many life-saving features, including automatic dispatch if the alarm is triggered, e-responders, and medical alerts. Homes and businesses that are equipped with alarm systems are less likely to be victims of break-ins and burglaries. Our team will help you identify the best system for your needs and budget. Our goal is to give you peace of mind!

Security Video Cameras

Security video cameras are beneficial for seeing unsupervised personnel leaving your home or business, such as babysitters, cleaners, and couriers. We strategically place cameras throughout your home or business to capture moments. That said, we welcome your input on the placement of cameras as well, because you know your home better than we do. All high-definition quality video is secured and monitored by our security professionals. If there is suspicious activity, we will respond to the footage to ensure your safety. Allow us to be your extra set of eyes on the things you cherish most!

Wireless Security Camera Systems

Wireless security camera systems are the latest in surveillance technology. What makes it so convenient? You can access security footage safely and securely through our mobile or wireless device. This is especially helpful for people who travel or go on business trips frequently. Our wireless security systems are equipped with motion detection sensors and an SD card that can be easily stored and accessed. We can even set up the ability to send email notifications at the first sign of trouble, so you can rest assured you protected even when you’re not looking.

Home Theater Installation

Want to have that movie-theater-quality experience at home? Our team can help take your living room, den, or media room to the next level by installing big-screen TVs and surround-sound systems from leading manufacturers. Whether you’re hosting a party, the big game, or simply spending quality family time together, we have the home theater products and services you need!

For more information about how we can help you, your home, or your business, please contact us at 970-731-3701. We look forward to fulfilling all your sound and security needs!

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